Scientific Program 

Main Speakers


Here is the schedule of the conference.

Here is the booklet of abstracts.

Here are selected presentations of the talks:
Aichinger   Behrisch   Bosnjak   Cernegova   Chajda   Cirulis   Cremer   Deghdak   Dehornoy   Delic   Djapic   Dolinka   Horvath   Janickova   Kazda  
Kepczyk   Kompatscher   Kondo   Kowalski   Kwuida   Lekkoksung N.   Lekkoksung S.   Langer   Lazarz   Lehtonen   Markovic   Mucka   Mudrinski  
Muresan   Oprsal   Pech   Pham   Pilitowska   Ploscica   Poeschel   ur Rehman   Romanowska   Smith   Sohail   Solovjovs   Vetterlein   Vojtechovsky  
Waldhauser   Zamojska-Dzienio   Zhuk

Social Program

There will be an informal welcome meeting on Thursday evening, May 26, in "Restaurace G", at the southern end of the dormitory complex (on campus). There will be a chance to register for the conference.

There will be a conference dinner on Friday, May 27 (see the campus map), enjoying local beer from the university microbrewery "Jeník". We will try to arrange excursions to the brewery.

A more detailed information will be sent shortly before the conference.